Sunday, 10 February 2013

Under Construction

Warning: life under construction
Have you ever noticed that pulling on loose threads often results in clothes with holes, or that when tidying out a cluttered cupboard, there is a significant period of time where the cupboard (room, house etc.) looks far worse than the original problem. Often this period coincides beautifully with the moment when the energy and motivation that sparked the endeavour begins to wane.
I am finding this cause and effect paradigm rings true now I am pulling on the 'loose threads' of my health and mind. Thinking about one topic for improvement has spiralled into thinking about everything.
I call it six degrees of life separation (patent pending... ha ha).
A case in point, all this talk of work has me thinking. Have I really removed myself from the (outside of the home) workplace as a result of migraine stress overload? If so, does this mean that if I can remove or manage them better I can go back? Do I want to? Have I really let migraines sabotage my career and finances to that extent?
Significant as this topic is, it is only ONE of the subjects to emerge from the depths of my mind, stirred into action by errant deep thoughts. Talk about opening Pandora's box.
Looking at the situation from a positive perspective, I am taking all this frenzied thinking as a sign that my subconscious mind is completely on board with the idea that change is coming.
I'll just have to get used to the idea that I might be living in a mental construction zone while work continues.

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