Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Closing the Accountability Gap

Be accountable for you health
Lack of Accountability will shipwreck your change...
Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling your least energetic and the most confused about the way forward (which happens on a disturbingly regular basis to me anyway) there is always a BIG disconnect between the way you have decided to live and your actual life.
Hence the confusion. Your own mind and body does not know whether to trust you. 
But the mind and body are not helpless children, they are constantly sending messages, questioning lifestyle and life choices.
Usually, subtly like, WTF are you doing? We are going to shut you down until you start making sense!
Believe me, they follow through! Depression, lethargy, confusion and even physical ills such as stomach upsets, headaches and nausea
So how to trump the sneaky mind and even sneakier body when they are wielding powers you did not even know they had?
Win back their trust, be accountable for your word. If you say you are doing something, make sure you are. If you are talking the talk, make sure you ARE walking that walk.
You will be surprised how quickly your mind and body will get on board when you hold yourself accountable for your own choices.
Here are some quick accountability tools:

  • Enlist a buddy who knows what you are doing and will call you on your progress.
  • Break down your change into little steps. There are so many cliches around this one I will leave you to fill in the blanks.
  • If you slip up and step outside your area of accountability, don't torture yourself about it. Just get back on that track (and Walk that Walk).
  • Acknowledge that when you lie in bed at night you feel so much better having been accountable for your life.
Good luck, you know you are.

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