Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Reason to Succeed

Yesterday I found myself entertaining doubts. Big nasty poo brown doubts that undermined my mission and motivation. The biggest and most cunning of these doubts sounded so real in my mind that I could literally feel my confidence deflate. Have you heard this one?

'You know you can't actually beat these migraines, you just need to accept that they are a big part of your life and move on'

Go on.... leap into action!
See what I mean? It sounds very reasonable doesn't it? More disturbing than that, it might actually be true. 
Doubts and truisms can slow our progress and sometimes, stop us in our tracks, and in doing so our doubts become our reality. See, you were right all along!
Luckily for us however, life is made by choice. A wonderful sentiment from the equally wonderfully book 'Eat Pray Love'  by Elizabeth Gilbert refers to the necessity of 'participating' in your life. Don't just drift in the easy direction, often easy drifting will lead to a difficult life.

To shore up my choice to take action, I have created a list of life experiences I am no longer willing to tolerate. Next time these doubts try a take down on my motivation I will point at this list, shake my head and say 'Not today loser, not today.'

My 'No more!' list

  • Missing social events because of migraines.
  • Sacrificing financial freedom for fear of migraine troubles.
  • Dealing with other people's disappointment when migraines arise.
  • Feeling unwell for days on end in the 'Migraine Hangover' stage.
  • Worrying about what people think because I am frequently unwell.
  • Worrying how my children will view my effectiveness because I get migraines.
  • Being depressed, anxious and unhappy because of cluster migraines.
  • Trying to not be offended when people make thoughtless, ignorant and snide comments about migraines.
  • Listening to my own judgement on why I get migraines.
I could keep going with this list, but there are enough 'NO MORES' there to stiffen my spine.
Perhaps I also need to work on identifying the corresponding positives to this list of 'No mores'?

I would love to hear your 'No mores' or better still your 'More ofs!" What are your reasons to succeed?

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