Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Demons at Work

When in the jungle, surrounded by hostile operatives, it is not really the time to start thinking about learning camouflage techniques or non lethal combat moves...

When your boss/ neighbour/ mother in law or land lord knocks on the door, again, not time to start the clean up, just so, when in the middle of a debilitating migraine spree it is not the time to think.... how can I cope with this?

Problem is, often we find ourselves with little choice but trying to manage our migraines from this very situation.
Picture this, you have already missed too many days this month at work, your guilt and stress levels are peaking and then..... another migraine hits. Your frustration and grief at the situation escalates as you envisage making yet another phone call to your employer letting them know you will not be in, again.

I bet this scenario seems familiar to many readers. As would the despair and hopelessness that often accompanies this situation.

Is there any way to manage this? On one side of the coin you are dealing with your bosses expectations and disappointment, and on the flip side you are probably angry with yourself because obviously it is all your fault.

winning at work with migraines
You can win at work
This very situation was my own ugly challenge for all the years I worked out of the home. I have a list of a few solutions I have explored, and some I have just thought of but not tried. With all of these ideas however, I believe none of them will work unless you can recognise your own personal 'migraine demons'.
These 'demons' are all the nasty beliefs you have internalised about yourself because you were silly enough to get migraines. These are the beliefs that make you repeat behaviours that have not worked for you, give up too early with treatments because you lack the belief things can change, avoid pro activity at work because you don't feel like a good employee.

If these demons retain the upper hand, nothing will change because they cripple your will and resolve.
Next time I get a migraine, or a cluster of them, I am planning on tackling these beliefs head on. If I can wipe away the 'stories' I have attached to my migraines I can move successfully onto removing them altogether from my life.
Perhaps like me, other migraine sufferers would benefit from strengthening their mental approach, carrying confidence and self belief into their workplaces instead of giving a free ride to their 'migraine burden'.


  1. So are you saying that facing it head on is some how going to improve the situation! If you get a migraine thinking positively isn't going to improve it, lessen the time or reduce the severity. You just need to be prepared that it could happen any time and stay on top of things, ahead of the game.

  2. Just wrote a great reply, hit publish and it disappeared, don't you hate that!
    I agree that positive thinking alone is not a magic button. I do think however that too much negative thinking and encouraging negative stories around your ability to do a good job at work can affect your ability to 'stay ahead of the game'. I know that in my case if I buy too much into these 'stories' I find it so hard to take any action around improving my situation. Good luck with yours!