Monday, 21 January 2013

Beginning the destruction

From when the plague of the migraine began in my life I have seen them as BAD and I do mean that in capitals.
I clearly remember being nine years old and looking out my bedroom window trying to decide why things that obviously were not present in real life were visible through my eyes. I was not to know at that time that I was experiencing, for the first time, a migraine aura. More distressing than the aura however, was the atrocious headaches and stomach crunching vomiting that followed.

Thus began my almost life long relationship with 'The Migraine'.

Why blog about this I wonder? Chronic illness is no stranger in the lives of many people, there are millions if not billions of people who struggle with their own health imperfections, often with implications much more serious than those of the migraine.

It is only recently that I have started to dissect the way that migraines have shaped the way I have lived my life. Indeed I am recognising more and more that I have allowed the M word to build for me a cage of limitations just begging to be demolished.
Thinking more on the subject, I imagine I am not alone in my cage, Perhaps there are many of us who have allowed migraines and other ills to make us think about ourselves as limited rather than able.

So what is there to look at, an endless array of life decisions where migraines have warped perception and altered decisions? Yes, but there is also the flip side, the endless array of opportunities to change things up, experiment and perhaps along the way untie the knots migraines have tied in my life.

I am aiming for this discussion to be quite honest and sometimes I am sure I will be unhappy with what I uncover. Right now I say, tough shit. If something is worth doing it is worth doing well...
Equally I am excited to learn and develop and maybe hear other peoples stories and experiences, most of all I am looking forward to detonating the hold of the migraine.

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  1. know how you feel- although I still have a strong feeling that I haven't spent enough time and effort really trying to get to the bottom of them- causes, cures etc. So that is going to be my focus this year!