Saturday, 26 January 2013

If you want to annoy a migraine sufferer read on....

Feel like I need to lighten up today..... so I thought I would share the top most infuriating things people have said to me about Migraines.

  1. If you concentrated more on your meditation you wouldn't get migraines any more! (said with force and conviction)
  2. Let me guess, you have a migraine right? sigh.
  3. Are you vomiting? No? Then you don't have a migraine. (Said the 'medical expert')
  4. I never get headaches. But I eat well and don't drink coffee.
  5. Wow, at work again today... that must be a record. (read with sarcasm in place).
  6. You need to give up coffee, cheese, wine, bread, sleeping in, stressful situations, chocolate and chicken... then you won't get any more migraines. (ahhhh.... probably accurate but I feel like they just missed adding in breathing)
I would LOVE to hear other peoples annoying comments (not directed at me mind)... let me know what people have said to raise your hackles. 
Lets giggle at ignorance for a change.


  1. you should try...(insert wacky but expensive treatment here). My sister's neighbor's gardener's daughter's friend's tarot card reader swears by it.

    1. Ahhhhh... the old 'have you tried' question. Think there seems like another list there!

  2. Annoying thing!!!! My daughter was described as being disabled when she went for her first job!
    That did not do much for her self-esteem - she had had enough trouble coping with the effects of migraine without that!

    1. Here's hoping your daughter took that comment with a grain of salt. Though I have to say that migraines can indeed be disabling.

  3. Well I was just going to suggest acupuncture, but I'm guessing you don't want to hear that...