Monday, 28 January 2013

Wanted: Mature worker, must have good attitude and Migraines.

Migraines make working from home attractive
Why not work from home?
The most stressful part of getting regular migraines, for me, has been work.

Trying to do a good job and be respected for what you do when your performance is undoubtedly affected not only by the occurrence of Migraines, but also the symptoms that can continue for days after you are 'fit' for work.
These symptoms can include (in my case) difficultly thinking of words, poor fine motor skills, trouble reading computer screens and fatigue. I call this combination of ills a 'Migraine Hangover'. All the annoying parts of being hungover, with none of the fun memories from the night before.

I have long been looking for Migraine friendly work and work places, so I have decided to publish a list of 'Migraine Friendly' jobs. Perhaps you will be able to see where I have been less than 100% serious.

  1. Product tester for a mattress manufacturer.
  2. Flight Traffic Controller (apparently they don't want staff to come in even if they feel slightly off.... much easier to blend into the crowd here).
  3. Nanny for mature age children.
  4. Blogger.
  5. Many on line opportunities; including data entry, share trader, you tube video rater.
  6. Be 'The Boss'. 
All jokes aside, the topic of Migraines and work is a very serious one for millions of people, and one that I will examine, equally seriously, over the coming posts.


  1. Just read a sad comment directed to another migraine sufferer by her boss.
    'Can you please schedule your migraines for your day off'.
    So many read between the lines criticisms here it is not funny.

    1. That is so wrong! I must admit to having a very understanding workplace so I am lucky.

  2. My boss is an arsehole about it...
    except that he hates them happening on the weekend.
    Go figure! ;-)

    1. Funny that, mine too. Let me guess, self employed?