Thursday, 24 January 2013

More on the Migraine Mind

I am just about sure that for me there is a link between a sense of well being and activity. Not only physical activity, but any purposeful endeavour with measurable results.

Anxiety and depression attack with lassitude and heaviness of thought and movement. Activity by its very nature seems to fight back against this malaise, dispelling heaviness with movement and distraction.

For me, being aware of this link and acting on it are two very different beasts. Forcing movement and achievement while feeling anxious and 'heavy' is difficult at times seemingly hopeless (note the language of anxiety and the 'blues').

As an avid reader I am often looking for books that will help me get moving and create a lifestyle that will keep the anxiety at bay, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, is an example of one such book that I have found inspiring in the past, offering practical insights and options that can be rolled out over the course of a year. Indeed I have read a plethora of great books, that are truly fabulous in their advice and inspiration.

But reading is NOT action, action needs to be taken not merely considered. Darn it.

So, its go time! The first thing I am changing up to help create a peaceful and purposeful mind is (drum roll please) my morning routine. Here I am working from the theory of 'getting off on the right foot'. For me, as a start, I am going to implement three simple habits.

1) Completing a few rounds of 'Salute to the Sun' before breakfast.
2) Getting up earlier to enjoy some peace before the daily craziness.
3) Setting some daily goals.... in the morning.

I know these ideas sound simplistic, but I am hopeful that these positive habits will have a big effect across my day, even if this effect is simply feeling proud that I have been able to create some positive habits to help calm the anxious mind.

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  1. I am a big believer in a good morning routine if you are a migraine sufferer. It is a pretty well researched idea that it is really important (actually essential) to get up at the same time each day- weekend or not- if you are a migraine sufferer. But getting up an hour before the rest of the family can be truly magic (if you can possibly manage it!). By the way-I recommend a book called "The migraine brain" by Dr Carolyn Bernstein. To my mind it is a great and comprehensive explanation of all things migraine.Also- it helped me to stop "blaming myself" for all the times I lack energy, am full of malaise and can't achieve "stuff"- it is all part of the condition!