Wednesday, 16 October 2013

On Giving up.

No one likes a quitter, least of all when we are judging ourselves.

Being fearful of quitting, or 'giving up', is not a good enough reason to keep going. Acknowledging that it is 'Quitting time' can be harder than persevering and ask more of our courage and resilience than we can comfortably give.

Recently I have been forced into rethinking a venture that I have invested much time and effort and self into, leading me down a path of self recrimination and denial.
Why, I ask the universe, do we hold on so tight, when
Are you sure it's a good idea?

letting go is the logical and healthy answer?

Here are my thoughts, I would love to hear yours (universe and reader alike:)

  • Ego:  We have not learned to keep our endeavours and ourselves separate. We need to remember , we are not our jobs or our friends or our families. We are certainly not our successes or failures. 
  • We HATE being wrong: Seriously, do we need to label letting go and moving on as being wrong? The venture/ relationship/ idea may not have borne the fruit we envisaged, but I bet you have benefitted from the effort.
  • 'But I told people I was doing this?': People will have their own ideas about your decision. Some people will be sad for you, some people will be laughing in their hands, most people will be too busy worrying about their own 'stuff' to think about yours. Don't let potential embarrassment stand between you and your better life.
  • Fear: It is painful, when you have visualised your future one way, to let go of that story and start again. Who knows though, when you make space in your life you DO have the choice to fill it with something awesome. 
So here I am, letting go. I do feel sad and disappointed. I do feel just a little bit like a failure and that I have wasted my time.
The bit of my brain that is not absorbed in these thoughts however, is already contemplating the cool stuff I might do now..... 

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