Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Best Week of my Life

In my family there is a history of second sight, communicating with the spirits and other general oddness.
Unfortunately I do not have any of this supernatural trickery up my sleeve, but you can believe me when I say that I have seen into the future. What I have seen is for my immediate future is the best week ever... starting now.
I only know this because I have come up with no less that seven actions to make it happen. I am creating for me, the BEST WEEK EVER (read with drum rolls in place).
Here is my plan;

Best Week Plan

  • Write creatively daily, use a short story contest as inspiration. 
  • Listen to my children when they speak with me, don't multi-task my parenting!
  • Be unexpectedly nice to my husband. Might make him suspicious, but what the heck.
  • Be outside with my Camera, alone. 
  • Make sure I always have music on when I clean. Dance cleaning is so much more fun than silent cleaning.
  • Start a diary, no more getting caught out! (I am always getting caught out forgetting things).
  • Get my daily groups of 30. 30 minutes exercise, thirty minutes playing, thirty minutes writing and 30 minutes working on my business.
  • Make sure I gut laugh every day. Seek out opportunities to really laugh, include my family in my laughing. 

If this list were a colour it would be a nice optimistic yellow, if it were a drink it would be champagne (with no hangover, just the 'special occasion' vibe), if it were a time of day it would be eleven am, just in time for a cuppa and a piece of cake. It is a smiley, feel good list, thus I am assuming it will make for a smiley and feel good week.

Have you even planned to increase the 'joy quota' in your life? What did you do? Did it work out?
Happiness, joy and optimism, like anything worth having in life, require nurturing and work. Let me know your strategies to nurture your own 'upside'. 


  1. I live the spirit if this! I think I will adopt this attitude in my own week. Megan.

  2. might try the groups of thirty minutes idea too!