Monday, 1 April 2013

Gut Feelings

"....a link between my brain and my gut, call me crazy, but that seems about right."

I am always surprised when it occurs to scientists that there are odd and unexpected (to them at least) relationships between various ailments, symptoms and even treatments. For a significant length of time it has been evident to me that for better or for worse, various parts (if not all) of our bodies share a relationship. Indeed in the Chinese Traditional Medicine world, the idea that the body is a system of interrelated parts and processes has been assumed for longer that many countries have been in existence!


The spark for this train of thought was an article I read today linking various mental ills (such as depression, anxiety etc) with irritable bowel syndrome.

Hmmmm, let me see, a link between my brain and my gut, call me crazy, but that seems about right. Even popular culture seems to endorse this one, ever have a gut feeling? Ever feel sick to your stomach about an upcoming (scary) event? Ever get the shits with someone? Have you ever had a sad day and just felt 'crappy'? Okay, maybe that is enough poo references for one post.

As a person who has struggled both with anxiety and irritable bowel I am actually really impressed to have a link confirmed outside of my own suspicions (never trust someone who is both suspicious and anxious).

To me these links are clues to follow to eventual freedom from these ills.  Like a two for one offer, perhaps if you can improve one aspect of your health you will gain other less obvious wellness benefits.

As a direct result of this snippet of health gold, I am revisiting previous posts to regain motivation to improve my digestive health and perhaps reap other FABULOUS life rewards as well.

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