Sunday, 14 April 2013

7 Compulsory Life Experiences

Some people have a bucket list or a stack of to do's, some people have regrets and disappointments. 
Being the bossy type, I have a list of 'compulsory life experiences'. Some of these have a cheerful tick in the 'done' box, others not so much.
Some of these experiences are once only deals, others are secret attempts to build good habits through successes. Some have nothing to do with success and a whole lot more to do with being alive. You will notice that my list is not so much about 'exactness' more about 'approach'. I believe that our imagination for what is possible can be far outstripped by reality.
Read my bossy list, then tell me your own 'compulsory life experiences'. I'm not shy about taking on other peoples ideas:)

Compulsory life Experiences

My outside home

  • Adopt a 'wilderness': I don't mean this in a 'take responsibility' kind of way, though that is fine too. I simply mean, find somewhere outside, preferably where nature still has more sway than the lawn mower and make it your place. Become familiar with its terrain, go there to relax. Begin to associate it with a 'blissed out' sensation. Maybe it is close to home, maybe it is home, perhaps it is far away and you can get there only with effort. Either way, connect with this place and build a  home for yourself outside of the four walls.
  • Follow it through to the end: I don't care what it is, for once in your life (or maybe the hundredth time) just finish something through to the end. Finish the project with as much passion and detail and commitment as you had at the start when it was shiny and new and no obstacles were on the horizon. Everyone should enjoy this feeling of completion without regrets.
  • Be healthy: Wouldn't it be a shame to move through your adult life without ever being as healthy as you can. Not once looking at your movement and your diet and your addictions. Don't be this person, make at LEAST one period of your life where you can look and say, I am at my peak health right now. 
  • Pursue a Passion: No, don't just stalk someone you fancy. That is not legal in most countries. Spend more time doing something you love. Whether it be sporty, artistic, altruistic or domestic. Just spend more time on it. 
  • Love someone: I mean actual love, not romantic love. I mean good for you and good for them, not selfish love. This needs to be experienced.
  • Focus on kindness: Life is always better with kindness, whether you are on the giving or receiving end. It is always better.
  • Go somewhere amazing as often as you can: It might not be in another country or even another city (though that would be cool), just somewhere that inspires wonder.

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