Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Humour Me :)

'You can't force funny.
But you can choose when you laugh. '

Recently, I went for a job interview, quite unexpectedly as it turns out. A 'casual chat' with a potential employer very quickly turned serious and probing. Yikes!
Mid interview, I remembered some advice from my husband, which went something like this....

 'Don't try to be funny.'

Good advice indeed for a job interview, but it got me thinking, what exactly did he mean by 'try to be funny'? One aspect of my personality I have always been confident in is my sense of humour and up until this point no one has seen fit to disillusion me on this front. Yet I was getting the sense that my life partner was trying to tell me something.... something I maybe did not want to know.

Rather than be deflated by the thought that I was not bringing the funny on the home front, I decided to work harder to make the man LAUGH. Obviously he must have been experiencing too much stress at work.

Here were some of my more inspired ideas:

The laugh list:

  • Dress as a 1950's housewife and offer slippers and whiskey when Hubby arrives home. (Then remembered I already tried this and it freaked him out... a lot).
  • Plastic wrap the toilet seat...... wait I would have to clean this up. Far too gross. Also very cliched.
Ummm.... that was my whole list.... and it was pathetic.

As usual when trying to teach someone else a lesson, I learnt a lesson myself. You can't force funny.
But you can choose when you laugh. 

Why was I so worried about making someone else laugh or whether they thought I was a comic genius? In terms of a better life, perhaps looking after my own giggles is more important.

I have decided to not torture my husband into laughing at my jokes, instead I am planning my humour resurgence in a different way. I am looking at the lighter and brighter side of life more often. It is a choice that is increasing the laugh lines around my eyes but leaving my forehead smooth.

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