Monday, 8 April 2013

What to forget to improve your day

Normally my penchant for forgetfulness is not that great. I forget friends birthdays, appointments, LOTS of things my husband asks me to do and a whole other array of mundane tasks.

Sometimes, just occasionally, my forgetful mind works in my favour. In honour of this I have compiled a list of 'Great moments in forgetting', hopefully I have remembered to put them all in.....

Great Moments in Forgetting:

  • Forgetting to pack my kindle charger for a weekend away: This forgetting moment speaks directly to my reading addiction. Ice Caps could melt and I still would not have tired of reading. While initially sparking panic and even hyperventilation, this forgetting opens up whole new possibilities for my time. Perhaps I could even go outside?
  • Forgetting to weigh myself in the morning: Lets just assume the best eh? Probably won't matter if I sneak a few chocolate bars today.
  • Forgetting what was said after a couple of wines: If neither of us can remember, I say it does not matter.
  • Forgetting I was cranky yesterday: Enough said, lets have a better day. I call this one 'letting go by omission'. 
  • Forgetting I have gone 'gluten free': Not great to permanently forget this one, but can be helpful when faced with fresh baked bread.....
  • Forgetting your worries: Usually achieved through total immersion in something (or someone) you love. This one can be lovely.
  • Forgetting my Camera: Recording moments for posterity is wonderful, but so is coming out from behind the lense and actually experiencing them.
There are so many times when forgetting can open up your day in unexpected ways...... just remember to appreciate what comes, or at the very least enjoy rolling your eyes in dismay.


  1. I like forgetting to set the alarm on weekends and just waking up to your body clock. I always the feel much more rested even though I nearly always wake up earlier than normal!

    1. I think even at a molecular level our bodies like choice! Sometomes though, in the case of waking up earlier without an alarm, our bodies choices can surprise us.
      Thanks for you comment:)