Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Be Inspiring

Inspiration is a tricky and transient beast. It's visits can be frequent, but too often brief.
What good is inspiration that is short lived? What good is a start without a middle and where appropriate an end? More importantly what good is an inspiring start without an equally inspiring ongoing journey?

I love the feeling of being inspired, it is exciting and motivating and uplifting. It promotes optimism about the future and action in the present moment.
It gets things started. Think Harry Potter, product of a moment of inspiration on a train that spawned an empire for author J K Rowling and kick started a love of reading for millions of children (and adults) the world over. Inspiration, with follow through, can produce big results!
Harnessing and using this super power is a secret that is understood by few and used by even less. 
So how can we inspire ourselves and what could we achieve if we could maintain our inspiration for longer?
Here are a few ideas to get you started on the track to an inspired life.
Inspiration: Action, Joy, Optimism
  • Do something you are good at EVERYDAY. Not only will it make you feel great about your day, but you are increasing your chances of inspiration to strike where you can make a real difference.
  • Identify what makes you feel optimistic, do it! For me I feel inspired and optimistic by reading words authored by inspiring people.
  • Set some small achievable goals, get them done. Don't bite off too much, just get into the habit of succeeding. 
  • Look after your health, or as Stephen Covey puts it in his book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', 'Sharpen the Saw', you won't be ready to embrace inspiration if you are falling apart physically. Of course this one might be the subject of one of your little goals.
  • When inspiration finds you, examine it and if appropriate embrace it. Give yourself the chance to be inspiring. This is such a kindness to yourself. 
  • Be prepared that motivation around your inspired life will wax and wane, preparation means you are in charge of kick starting the motivation  and inspiration again. That's right, you are in charge.
I'm tackling these ideas at the moment and I am feeling optimism and motivation and can do-ability. I even feel confident enough to start making up words:)
Good luck with your own inspiration, please share your own tips and tricks for inspiring yourself and others.

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