Monday, 21 January 2013

Enabling the Migraine Conquest

Writing about Migraines is proving a revelation, so many thoughts and ideas are squabbling for space in my mind. Is it possible that something I have always viewed as a THE negative in my life could become a positive?

Most interestingly perhaps is the idea that previous attempts at ridding migraines from my life have failed because I have not acknowledged how migraines have infiltrated my way of living.
 I am a bit scared to admit that amongst all the infuriating, frustrating and depression inducing impacts of migraines, maybe there are some payoff's? Surely not!!! (maybe?)

What could these alleged 'payoff's' be? Do I need to address or at least acknowledge these before I can move on?

Or am I just being a big meanie because beneath the surface of this illness is the feeling that I am culpable for its impact on my life?

Migraines affect self image and confidence
Migraines distort self image

One obvious point to make is that an illness cannot be in your life for nearly 30 years and NOT leave an imprint in your mind and the way you think.

Ok, before I lose my nerve here is a list of potential payoff's I may have encountered:

- Welcoming migraines to avoid difficult situations.
- Using migraines as an excuse to not achieve.
- Using migraines as an reason for not achieving.
- Getting to SLEEP because of migraines (very important to parents and workers all over the place)

If I rid my life of migraines does that mean I would have to be braver and more proactive and energetic? Isn't that maybe a good thing?

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