Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Where to start in the Migraine Mission?

I have been wondering for a long time whether there is a migraine mind 'type', are there any mental characteristics that are common among migraine sufferers? If so, might this give me some clues where to look for improvements in the frequency of migraines I experience?

I am aware that this is perhaps treading dangerously towards the ye olde 'migraines are an hysterical illness' thought pattern, but rest assured this is not intended. Fellow migraine sufferers will agree that idea is offensive and undermining.

From my own personal experience I believe that a web of mental and physical characteristics are involved in my own migraine brain. Although which of these are the chicken and which the egg I am not sure.

Out of this 'web' I have extracted three main factors that I am going to address head on, so to speak, all puns intended.

1) A propensity towards anxiety.
2) A sensitive gut (and not in a gut instinct kind of way!).
3) A lack of energy, that worsens drastically immediately prior to onset of migraine aura.

I do not pretend to know whether these are factors that in themselves directly cause migraines, but I do have a sneaky hunch that the factors underlying these symptoms may also be related to the migraine plague as well.

So where to begin? I am thinking in numerical order.... so anxiety it is.

the first step in the journey is addressing anxitey
May the journey be this peaceful!
From my own experience with anxiety, I would have to say that the best results are achieved by being proactive.... about anything! I also need to advise that I am currently taking anti anxiety medication to control my issues with anxiety and panic attacks. Obviously a serious crack at anxiety is very much in my interests regardless of impacts on migraines.

Tomorrow I will post my ideas regarding reducing anxiety in my life, I would appreciate the comments of anyone who has dealt with this issue with or without success.

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