Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Parenting through the Migraine

Today was a 'migraine day', raising for me the ongoing issue of parenting through the Migraine.

It makes for a difficult day, even if, as in this case, the migraine is a level 5/10 and reasonably short in duration.
My children are, well, typical children. Loving and caring and thoughtful, until they forget... and start being noisy and crazy and cranky. As a Mum who quite frequently is struck down with a migraine, I do feel sorry for my children, especially during the school holidays, when several days of boredom may follow each other while I am quiet and pained and grizzly.

I would love to hear from people how they cope and keep their children entertained while suffering from migraine, or any other temporarily debilitating illness.

Hope is always present however, in the form of raising empathetic and kind children. Perhaps having experienced chronic illness they will be more understanding adults when dealing with similarly afflicted people.

Or perhaps, like me, they will be so BORED with the ongoing problem they will have no patience with it at all!! Again, all parenting tips welcome!!


  1. It is so hard looking after kids when you have a migraine. This topic does make me wonder if I should be more organised and prepared because, let's face it, migraines happen to me so frequently that it's not really a surprise to me when one comes on. Perhaps having some "migraine day" activities for the kids at the ready is a good idea (special movies, computer games, ready to go craft activities and the like). Also on a non migraine day- be as active, involved and interested in the kids as possible as a bit of an "antidote" to the boredom of days where mummy is down for the count with a migraine.
    :) J

    1. I think being organised in advance is a great idea, as your comment notes, migraines are not necessarily a case of if but when.
      Might even teach the kids something about dealing with adversity proactively.