Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mayday Mayday....

I have a son who is obsessed with lego.... he would spend every waking moment constructing lego machinery if he was allowed. Earlier in the week he spent an afternoon making a squadron of various flying machines, none of them standard but all pretty cool to his mothers eye.
Migraines can make you crash and burn
Made for a demolition derby
Of course, as happens with lego in the hands of a little boy, pretty soon these marvellous flying machines had all crashed and burned, been rebuilt, modified and crashed and burned again.
It is a bit unfortunate when you have a day that is analogous to broken lego planes, but I have to say I managed to do my own bit of crashing and burning this week. Bits falling off all over the place!
What could trigger a bit of good old fashioned falling apart...... cue the migraine.
I know I have written a little about the mental side of being a part of the long term migraine afflicted population. The feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and guilt that have slithered into my mind over the years. Perhaps not surprisingly I have found writing about this side of the condition enlightening and empowering, which is why I was taken by surprise when all these feelings ambushed me after one measly migraine. One. Oh dear.
The details of what I was thinking are unimportant, what is important however is the bounce back. Bouncing back because I recognised the migraine mind in action. I heard the odd and nasty things my migraine affected mind was whispering in my ears, and while it was not immediate, I am quietly pleased that awareness helped me to turn that bus around. No more one way tickets to the dump I call negative valley.
Hey, awareness may just be King. Long live the King, and long live those friends and family who support you through these times and give awareness a helping hand. (You know you are:)

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