Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Migraine Zombie

I have recently developed a very 'under the radar' kind of obsession with Zombie books. I love the way Zombies aren't at all appealing, have no sex or sex appeal and cannot be brought over to the good side.
They are the epitome of the 'lost cause'. There is nothing romantic or glamorous about them, they just run around moaning and groaning and gnawing on the odd bit of human flesh.
Aside from the human flesh bit, I think I might relate a bit the poor maligned Zombie. I know what it is like to not be able to communicate because the words won't form properly on my tongue. I also can relate to the whole wandering around moaning and groaning bit, often with the odd stumble thrown in as my fine and gross motor bit is way off.
I do not refer (obviously I hope) to my everyday experience, but to the 'migraine days', days where I definitely have NO good side. Just a nasty temper to match my nasty head.
My Zombie empathy has no useful purpose in terms of a wise and effective way to get less migraines, I am just entertaining myself with the thought of a world overrun with moaning and groaning migraine sufferers.
Maybe workplace and pharmaceutical companies would start taking our ailment seriously? Perhaps our sudden power base would generate respect and concern?
Or perhaps in the way of the great Zombie reads, the unaffected would triumph eventually and we would still be left out in the cold?

If you are also a Zombie fan, here is a list of my favourite Zombie reads, nothing like a bit of escapist reading to perk you up! Plus another upside, stories where the hero triumphs over really really bad odds can motivate you to succeed against your own really really bad odds:

The Remaining, By D J Molles
The Remaining: Aftermath
The Remaining: Refugees
Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the end By Manel Loureiro
No Easy Hope (Surviving the Dead) by James Cook
This Shattered Land (Surviving the Dead)


  1. Ha ha ha- I am so not a zombie fan! However, maybe I am just prejudiced? Speaking of zombies- I have been feeling like one over the last few days- horrible cluster :( Hopefully getting some acupuncture this evening which at least should help with the nausea.

    1. Jay, my guess is you just have yet to read the right Zombie book.... lol.
      Hope your acupuncture treatment helps, I know how hard it is to stay functional in the middle of a migraine cluster.
      Especially when the breaks in between in the cluster are really just 'migraine hangovers'.
      Let me know how the acupuncture goes, this is a topic I am planning on exploring as well.