Monday, 11 February 2013

Not Now! Migraine Interference.

I don't know if it is a migraine thing, or just a me thing, but I have a unhelpful belief in 'Murphy's Law'.
Following are some examples, cases in point if you like, of Mr Murphy in action in my life;

Migraines get in the way of fun
Work it girl.... just not too hard
  • I have started a new job ..... therefore it is obvious I need to get LOTS of migraines, preferably in my first week, so that my employers know right off the bat how I roll.
  • I am doing a four hour trip, alone, with the kids, so now is the perfect time for an aura, right?
  • Dinner party, my house? Sure, bring it on migraine genie.
  • Just had a great long bike ride, really pushed hard. Feel wonderful, I am going to start on marathons next.... what's that strange smell? Oh, that's right, exercise gives me migraines , I forgot. Lead me to the couch.
  • Can't wait to see my friend who has flown in for one day.... on my way out the door, aura. Maybe she wants to come to my house and talk to me in a dark room while I keep my eyes closed?
  • I am having my annual performance review, now is the perfect time for a migraine hit, just in case my boss had forgotten all my days off!
Mr Murphy, you are NOT my friend. 

Okay, that's my weekly complain session over. Now its your turn, let me know the most inconvenient migraine you have had.


  1. Hey, you get exercise migraines too? Very annoying!

  2. This made me smile.
    Also reminded me of how much I hide my migraines at work. Mainly, because they just don't understand.
    This past weekend I had a KILLER MIGRAINE and was on the verge of tears because of things that I could not do for my children. I wasn't able to go work on Monday which was a holiday for some, but not my office. On Tuesday I was asked (in a whisper), "did you really have a migraine or did you just take off for the holiday?" REALLY??? If I want a day off, I'll take a vacation day! The last thing I'm going to do is fake a migraine.