Saturday, 16 February 2013

Trying is for suckers.

I am giving up trying. I have decided trying does not work for me.
As soon as I start to try and make a change, it seems every personal demon in my head which would make the endeavour difficult leaps into action.
Case in point, I have been trying to alter my eating habits to embrace a Primal lifestyle. No additive sugars, processed foods, or things that were not available to our ancestors from the deep dark past.
As my 'trying attempts' usually go, I got off to a very positive start with this process. Did the shop, ate the food, felt the satisfaction.
Then, as per the script, I fell off the wagon into a block of chocolate and a bottle of coke zero.
Feeling very discouraged I have been consoling myself with more of the same. In fact I have been eating a less wholesome diet than I would have been were I not TRYING to go primal.
See, trying, does. not. work.
So what are my alternatives? If I have given up trying have I also given up endeavouring to improve my health and decrease the hold migraines have on my life?
Nope, I have decided to play a tricky mind game with myself. Instead of trying I am taking up doing.
This week I am not going to try and go Primal, I am just going to be Primal. I am going to think about it less, but do it more.
I am sure this is what the original cave people would have done....
Stay tuned to see if I am successful in my trickery.

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