Friday, 1 February 2013

Ooops, I did it again

I just had a rather disturbing/ telling realisation. Earlier in this blog's history, i.e as long as last week ago (I know ancient history), I decided to take up some new activities to help with my migraines and anxiety issues.
Sadly, my realisation is that I have done absolutely NOTHING about it. Not a thing. Nada.
How could this happen? How could I announce to the world (well potentially the world) I was going to take action and yet do nothing?
After some panicked and recriminating thoughts, I have moved onto trying to turn this rather disappointing outcome around.
Perhaps I didn't set my self up for success? After all, apart from writing about what I was going to do in this blog I did no other planning to integrate the changes into my day? (Is this what I normally do?)
So here is the new deal, step two if you like, in making the changes stick.
For each idea I have to try as a part of this blog I am going to diarise it on another page, so step by step we can see what is happening.
Keep posted to see my brand new 'Action Pages'.

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