Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Getting fit despite (to spite) my migraines.

A recent problem I have noticed is that I seem to get migraines after vigorous exercise.
To often to ignore, my vision will flick into the classic migraine aura roughly two hours after staggering back through the front door post a hard cardio effort.
Worse than that, I have found that the threat of getting a migraine has put me off exercising at all. A bit too convenient for a self professed couch potato.
Migraines can be triggered by exercise
Not now aura, I've got my burn on!
This can't go on for ever, or I will become one of those individuals that has to get a crane in to pry their body out of their bedroom to transport them to hospital.
You guessed it, I have found something else to change in my daily approach!
It seems to me that joining a gym or the like might be counter productive as well as (for me anyway) boring. Most classes offered would be out of the question as they (rightly) push participants well into the huffy puffy zone.
I have decided rather to incorporate incidental exercise into my life, aiming for a minimum of 30 minutes of incidental exercise a day. With a bit of planning this is a target that I should be able to blast through (at a steady pace) on a daily basis.
Walking the kids to school, riding my bike to the shops, squats and lunges on my bosu, mowing the lawn, dancing around to boppy songs. These are all options I enjoy and can be incorporated into my day with no real impact to either my schedule or my head.
The genius who discovered that incidental exercise minutes are as effective as block exercises, is now my new official hero.

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