Monday, 20 May 2013

Om, and other important life decisions

'Beware: Currently experiencing meditation desperation'

I am desperate to start meditating, (yes I see a certain irony in that comment).
The idea of spending some time alone, in peace, unsnarling the knots in my mind is beyond appealing, it seems, well, necessary.

I have downloaded some meditations to try and am ready to get on with it. Only small problem is finding this elusive and mystical 'alone time'. The times I have available to me are after 10pm and before 5am, both time frames rife with the risk of snoozing rather than meditating.

What to do? Any ideas? Is it necessary to meditate everyday to benefit? Am I being a sook about the times available?

I'm off to do some meditation investigation, I will keep you posted.

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